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TOOTIE Helps B.A.R.N. Join Coasts to Help More Kids & Animals

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

TOOTIE from LIPS in San Diego is coming to Gary’s La Fonda in La Mision on Oct 2nd!  A favorite in San Felipe she will bring her over-the-top glamour from her show “FLASH & GLAM” to raise funds for more spay and neuter clinics in BAJA. It will help more kids and animals in BAJA California.Viva San Felipe animal rescue

The beautiful ocean side, stepped patio at Gary’s La Fonda is the perfect location for this fabulous show. Don’t miss it! It will be full of hairspray, glamour and duct tape! Tickets are $25 which include a buffet dinner, silent auction and raffle. It is from 5-9pm. Gary’s La Fonda is located on Carretera Tijuana-Ensenada KM 59.5.

TOOTIE loves entertainment but she also loves animals. She has traveled to San Felipe for 10 years raising funds to support VIVA—Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals. Her October 2nd show adds a West coast visit to her venue to extend her support. She cares about making a difference in the lives of Baja animals.tootie-show-adoption-2

Helping animals is what it is all about for the Baja Animal Rescue Network. Baja Exiles and VIVA are part of B.A.R.N. They have worked together to offer this show to the West Coast to grow awareness to the need for spay and neuter. Both groups rely on spay and neuter clinics to reduce the unwanted animals in their communities. Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation performs their clinics and is a vital part of this network.

This is how spay and neuter makes a difference. San Felipe has done 352 surgeries in 2015. La Mision 145. One surgery prevents the birth of 12 unwanted street animals a year. Their combined spay and neuter effort has prevented 5740 unwanted animals from contributing to animal overpopulation in Baja California in 2015 alone. There is more work to be done.Viva San Felipe animal rescue

Education programs that promote spay and neuter are the off shoots of this collaboration.  AMA A TU MASCOTA or “Love Your Pet” is an education program started by VIVA in San Felipe and brought to Baja Exiles in La Mision. Volunteers on both coasts share information and material to teach local children how to love and care for their pets. This includes the need to spay and neuter.Viva San Felipe animal rescue

BAJA EXILES offers FREE spay and neuter clinics to locals at El Rancho Exilio. A certificate offering a free spay and neuter was handed out to each student who attended their education class in Santa Anita this May. Over 400 children were reached in the Primeria and Secundaria. Several children brought Viva San Felipe animal rescuethe certificate to the May clinic at the ranch.

VIVA knows the challenge of turning around despair. The PATH FOR PAWS is a foster and adoption network of many dedicated volunteers. It has reached across coasts to save as many lives as possible. Over 150 animals have been FURever homed this year. Fosters Save Lives.

Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation spreads education within the Boys and Girls Clubs of Rosarito. They do classes and ask the children to draw pictures of their hand to correspond to the lesson of the day.  It has ranged from frogs to whales.  This lesson shows kids that nature’s creatures are personal. They are as close as your own hand.

We can all bring the work of this network close to us.

Teach. Volunteer. Donate. Support animal welfare programs in your community.

Tickets to the TOOTIE show can be purchased online at www.bajaexiles.com/donation/tootie-tickets

Call 619-203-1471 for more details. Or email:  .




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  1. Tootie and the girls always put on a fabulous show to help VIVA raise money for the Spaying & Neutering project and other needs to keep us helping so many animals in need. Plan on attending and having a great time.


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