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Rocco’s Great Life

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

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UPDATE! From his adopter Cathy Brennan: “Thank you to all of you at Viva. I can’t wait until I retire and live down in San Felipe so I can volunteer my time at Viva.
Our precious Rocco who we adopted from you at the February show where men dressed up as women is so happy and a great blessing to us. He loves our other Mexican rescue Nina and they get along so well. Nina looks like a dingo and reminds us of a precious little baby deer. Rocco seems to be a cairn terrier mix. He fits perfectly into our lives because he has lots of energy and my husband and I love to jog and hike.
Up until we adopted Rocco- the dogs we’ve rescued for the last 18 years- have been big dogs. When we adopted Rocco he was 18 lbs. Now he is 25 lbs and is such an affectionate lap dog cutie. His favorite spot is in our lap. Last night I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I cuddled my precious Rocco while watching TV. I looked down at him in my arms obviously dreaming because his little mouth was moving and told God that Rocco was one of the best gifts that He has given me. God Bless you all 🙂”
Cathy Brennan

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