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Spay Clinic April 2nd/ 50 SURGERIES

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

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Our spay clinic April 2nd performed 50 SURGERIES.

That means 600 unwanted litters have avoided contributing to animal overpopulation.

Thank you for supporting #spayneuter.



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In Loving Memory of Max, Our Guerrero

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

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Hello VIVA, My husband and I were the ones that adopted Max(Guerrero).

A little over two weeks ago he was having issues breathing, eating, going to the bathroom and even sleeping. We took him to an emergency clinic and had him admitted for 24 hours to try and make him comfortable and see what was wrong. Unfortunately they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

In the end Max was put down.

He was so loved by my husband and I and it’s been very hard for us being without him, even when only loving him for a short time. If I could have given anything and still would to save Max and my heart broke when I was told of what the outcome was. He was my pup and it’s still very hard.

Thank you for letting us adopt him and love him with what time he had left. He was the most affectionate, loving, dog with so much personality. He’s missed everyday and will always remain part of our little family.

Taylor Mazzarella

Nino Jumped Into Their Arms

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

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We receive messages like this:

“Hello wonderful people of VIVA,

Sal and I wanted to say thank you so so so much for leading us to our sweet baby Nino, aka Nino-baby, aka Choo Choo, aka Nino Bello (formerly Carmello, with you guys!!!).  Not sure which litter he was from but we adopted him from the Petco event on Sports Arena Blvd on January 28th 2017.  I remember he was the only dog in the fenced in pen, lying by himself on a towel and he jumped into my arms and that was that.  We took him home to Mission Hills and have been in love with him ever since!

We take care of him yes, but he has made our lives inexplicably better.  He is full of joy and love and sweet puppy innocence – and energy 🙂  We walk him every single day and take him on Nino-dates!  – he especially loves Kate Sessions park at sunset, and mission bay.  He loves chewing on deer antlers, and ripping out the squeakers of his babies.  He loves sleeping on the couch next to us wrapped up in his afghan.  Also – he recently graduated puppy school!!! He had so much fun and learned a lot (this is him on graduation day in the picture with the grass!!!)

He is the most wonderful sweet dog and we love him so so much.  Thank you for all of the wonderful work you do, I have told many people about you guys, and directed them to your websites and events.

I have attached pictures of Nino, in case you might remember him.  He sends his love 🙂

Amy & Sal Filippone”

Spay Clinic February 5th & 6th/58 SURGERIES

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

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Our spay clinic Sunday & Monday February 5th-6th successfully performed 58 surgeries.

58 surgeries means 754 unwanted animals have been avoided and will not contribute to animal overpopulation.

Thank you for supporting the hopeful solution.

Clinics performed by Baja California Spay Neuter Foundation

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

Gypsy Is Off To Seattle To Find Her Home

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

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Gypsy was a stray Momma with a beautiful litter of pups. They were the color of coal just like her. They showed up at the shelter one day in April 2016 when they were still feeding.

Mom was not much interested in being a Mom. She was content with jumping the fence to get over to another kennel. Maybe she never had a Mom to show her the ropes.

Gypsy hung around the shelter for almost a year. She was put into the general population where she was perfectly happy. But everyday the Shelter Manager would show up to find Gypsy outside the gate just hanging out. She would follow him in as he unlocked the gate and get her breakfast. She was also know to chase cars which became a very big concern, what if she was hit one day?

A Volunteer from Seattle Washington was visiting San Felipe and came to help out for 6 weeks. She played with pups, trained adults to learn to like a leash, and in general had the same concern for Gypsy. Lucky for VIVA she helped rescues in the Washington area place their rescues. Lucky Gypsy made the trip north to San Diego on January 25th where she met up with other lucky dogs that would be going to a rescue in Seattle to be fostered, trained and adopted.

We will be following Gypsy as she completes the circle to her forever home.