What do animals do when they are in the zoo?

What do animals do when they are in the zoo?

Behind The Enclosure: An Ape's Tale

Have you ever wondered what our fellow primates get up to within the confines of their zoo enclosures? Picture this: You’re a magnificent, hulking silverback gorilla. Your day begins with the warm Australian sun creeping over the horizon, bathing the lush enclosure in a palette of hues. Having spent the night in a snugly heated indoor facility, safety and comfort are accorded. Amid the thrum of activity, enrichment activities fill the day: Pulling knotted ropes to retrieve treats, platforms to climb and snooze on, even music for auditory stimuli: an enchantingly symphonic day awaits!

Paraphrasing a real-life story to give a slice of perspective: once there was a renowned Australian sculptor, who wanted to craft a realistic model of a gorilla. His friend, a zookeeper, organized a closed-door meeting with a magnificent silverback named Kibabu. The sculptor created a piece that greatly resembled Kibabu. Through a hilarious turn of events years later, when visitors observed the statue beside the gorilla enclosure, the oblivious Kibabu often posed, seemingly admiring his ‘look-alike.' Turns out, even gorillas can't resist the charm of a doppelganger!

Feathered Festivities: Living The Avian Life

Swooping onto the bird exhibits, it's not just a riot of color but a symphony of sounds. As the sun greets the day, the kookaburras echo the laughter. The keepers ensure a varied diet, enriching the lives of these feathered friends – mealworms, fruits, and seeds offer a culinary voyage. Water baths, perches, and mirrors are made available, improving feathers' condition and encouraging natural foraging and preening behaviors.

Birds, from parrots echoing human chatter to cockatoos orchestrating theft of visitor's belongings, have always provided quirky stories. I recall this one time when I was attending a bird show in a local zoo. Wilson, a cockatoo known for his mischiefs, targeted my camera lenses. Half distracted and half-amused, by the time I realized, Wilson was halfway across the enclosure. Quite a bird's day out for me!

A Swim With the Tides: Marine Lives

Cast your imaginations below the surface of the waters and discover the secrets of marine life. An enormous tank, mimicking the ocean, filled with a plethora of species. Fish, corals, octopi, and even sharks! Feeding times become a synchronized ballet underwater. Playful interactions like hiding food inside buoyant balls or scattering it around the tank encourage natural foraging behaviors.

But it's not all play. The bubble curtains in the tank? Not just there for your viewing pleasure. They oxygenate the water. The rocks and corals? Not just for aesthetics. They provide hiding places and encourage an environment of cohabitation, mimicking an ocean bed. Every element is a piece of a detailed puzzle!

Kingdom of the Jungle: The Big Cats' Lair

As we traipse through the lush exhibit of big paws and jaws, prepare for a king-size life treat. Lions, tigers, and cheetahs are majestic creatures that command respect. Besides the balanced diet of rich protein, each enclosure is simulated to mimic their natural environment. Elevated platforms, tree stumps for scratching, hidden food to encourage hunting instincts and even large balls for play. The complex habitat keeps them active and engaged.

There's an old yarn from my childhood visit to the zoo. An old lion, Father Time they called him, had a peculiar affinity for red balls. Once, his favorite was mistakenly left outside during the enclosure's cleaning. The gentle Giant roared, refusing food and rest until his prized possession was returned. Now, if that doesn't mention a pet's stubbornness, what does?

In conclusion, each enclosure is specifically designed for the animal's adaptations and behaviors, mirroring natural environments as much as possible. Importantly, varied enrichment strategies prevent lethargy and ensure physical and mental well-being for the creatures. Our furry, feathered, scaled, and finned friends may be enclosed – but in their hearts, they roam free.

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Hello, I'm Lysander Quillsworth, and I have a passion for exploring the extraordinary in the world around us. My expertise lies in the realm of the "other," where I delve into topics that defy categorization or conventional understanding. I have a particular fondness for writing about animals, as their diverse behaviors and adaptations never cease to amaze me. From the tiniest insects to the largest whales, I am dedicated to shedding light on the fascinating lives of our planet's inhabitants. Join me as we embark on a journey to discover the wonders of the animal kingdom together.

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