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Spay Clinic Feb 7-8th Shows Impact of Education Program: Surgeries 62

Viva San Felipe animal rescue

62 surgeries were performed at our latest clinic on Feb 7-8th. That means  744 unwanted kittens and puppies will not be born into a short, painful and fearful life on the streets.

Clinic performed by Baja Spay Neuter Foundation

Our Education Director comments on how the latest clinic reflected the enthusiasm of the children and their love of animals.

“In December of 2015 we had a ‘Love Your Pet’ Education Presentation at the Ejido Plan Nacional Elementary School. Since then I’ve seen various students that we taught, and they have asked when we will return. Seeing their interest and anxious desire to return has given me great satisfaction.

Recently at our VIVA spay and neuter clinic in the ejido, two of those students showed up with a mother dog to get spayed. She had a litter of puppies not long ago which we found were also ready to be spayed. The Veterinarian asked her if she could return the next day so that the four puppies could also be spayed.

While they waited for the mother dog and the rest of the puppies to get spayed, they jumped right in and started to pet, brush and clean dog’s ears while they were in recovery.

It is rewarding to know our education program helped them understand the importance of fixing dogs and the special care they need. We hope to return to the school and continue our education program with the next level of learning and to continue to reach out to other elementary schools in San Felipe. We have touched approximately 210 kids and little by little hope to change the landscape to better serve the animals of our community.”

Learn more about our education program “Love Your Pet” and how you can help change the landscape.

Contact Armando Rubio– VIVA Education Coordinator





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